Legal Aid


In a society plagued by dehumanizing poverty, most poor women do not have the required resources to seek legal redress whenever they are oppressed, violated and abused. LAPO provides free legal sensitization, counselling, mediation and litigation services to victims of violence and social injustice, champions and defends their rights in collaboration with the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Nigerian Police, Customary Courts, Policy and Law Reform Centre, Government Welfare Departments and Local Government Councils. Common cases of gender-based violence and injustice against women are around rape, wife battery, widowhood rites, inheritance and associated traditional custom and practices.

Women who have benefitted from the LAPO Legal Aid services are excited to share their experiences on how the organization defended and restored their rights, self-esteem and dignity. Among them is Mrs. Philomena Osawe, a mother of ten children who would have been thrown out of her matrimonial home by her estranged husband.