LAPO unites efforts with the global community on International Days to address prevailing health and social issues in target communities.


International Women’s Day (IWD)

The International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated yearly across the world on March 8 to present and examine in a hopeful manner the struggle of women as well as recognize and highlight their economic, political and social achievements. Throughout the month of March, Civil Society Organizations including LAPO, government agencies, educational institutions, the media and women groups across the world choose different themes relevant to global and local gender issues to mark the event each year. LAPO celebrated the last three editions of the programme under the following themes:

2010:   Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities: Progress For All

2011:   Equal Access To Education, Training, Science And Technology: Path Way To Decent Work

2012:  Empower Rural Women, End Hunger and Poverty. LAPO clients were trained on Micro Business Management during the programme. Topics treated included business planning, book keeping and good customer relations.


International Day For The Elimination Of Poverty And Destitution

The celebration of the International Day on October 17 for the Elimination of Poverty began in 1993 when the UN General Assembly by resolution 47/196 designated it to promote awareness of the need to eradicate poverty and destitution in all countries.

Just like the UN, fighting poverty remains at the centre of the development agenda of LAPO. The LAPO Annual Development Forum is held annually as an activity to mark this International Day. The Forum provides opportunity for individuals, development partners, scholars, professional institutions, LAPO clients, religious and traditional bodies and other stakeholders in development and poverty alleviation to design a realistic roadmap to fast track societal development. Papers on selected topics are usually presented and discussed and ideas exchanged. Ideas generated from previous editions of the Forum has strengthened LAPO programme focus and delivery strategies. Millions have overcome extreme poverty and attained better access to financial services, healthcare and social transformation with the support of LAPO over the past two decades.


World Malaria Day

LAPO joins the global community to commemorate the World Malaria Day (WAD) celebrated yearly on April 25th. The organization holds community-level rallies and seminars to promote action for reducing malaria morbidity and mortality. The seminar is an avenue for discussing issues such as environmental sanitation, Intermittent Prevention Therapy (IPT) during pregnancy, use of Long-Lasting Insecticidal-treated bed Nets (LLINs), importance of diagnosis before treatment and use of Artemisine-based Combination Therapies (ACTs). The seminars are facilitated yearly by public health physicians and community health workers.


World AIDS Day

The World AIDS Day, a global event celebrated yearly under different themes on December 1, provides LAPO the opportunity to increase community-level awareness about the prevalence, spread and impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS. Health sensitization rallies and seminars are among the strategies adopted by LAPO to achieve the objectives of the World AIDS Day. The seminars are organized in collaboration with the governmental agencies on HIV/AIDS at local and state levels, with participants usually drawn from youth groups, nursing/pregnant women, persons living with HIV/AIDS, community leaders, the media and other stakeholders.


Global Hand Washing Day

LAPO joins efforts with the international community on Global Hand Washing Day in the fight against diarrhoeal diseases by organizing seminars and rallies yearly on October 15th. The organization is actively involved in the prevention and control of the ailments currently killing millions of infants and young children who are majorly from poor households across developing countries. LAPO also organizes sensitization seminars across rural and urban schools in target communities to raise the consciousness of pupils and school authorities on the need for people to wash their hands with soaps regularly especially after making use of toilet facilities and before eating.


World Toilet Day

The World Toilet Day is marked annually on November 19 to discourage open defeacation and promote public health. Diarrhea mostly caused by open defeacation has been identified as a major cause of deaths amongst infants and young children, especially those in resource-poor households. LAPO identifies with the global community on World Toilet Day by organizing community rallies and seminars during which participants are sensitized on the dangers of open defeacation. The day is also used to promote dialogue on the need for a culturally-acceptable and sustainable household and public toilet facilities.